Shanghai Vowa Equipment Technology Co., Ltd


Shanghai Vowa Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in the production of melt gear pump and related products. We have professional R&D and production team with more than 10 years of gear pump production experience. We provide various of large-specification pumps for large-scale chemical fiber and resin plants.



Shanghai Vowa Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. integrates research and production, and we are committed to the development and promotion of melt gear pumps. Based on the advanced technical experience worldwide and the management concept of making high-precision products and being the most professional melt gear pump manufacturer, our company independently researches and develops multiple series of gear pumps. The products are widely used in the polymer industry with the advantages of high quality and service. And, we are still constantly developing the domestic and foreign markets.



The company provides a full range and specifications of melt gear pump for the resin, chemical fiber, rubber and other polymer materials industries. Currently we have various series of melt gear pumps that can meet all polymer working conditions. Including various heating methods: thermal medium heating, electric heating, no heating; wide viscosity range: 0.1mPa.s to 40,000,000mPa.s; wide temperature range: - 50℃ to 350 ℃; wide pressure range: -0.1MPa to 35MPa. The specifications of the melt gear pumps are from 1 cc/r to 100,000 cc/r.


In terms of application, our gear pumps can be widely applied in polymer process of PET, PA, PS, HIPS, ABS and other fields, as well as degradable materials, such as Lyocell, PLA, PBAT, PGA, etc.


In the rubber and plastic extrusion industry, our company can provide a complete set of solution such as melt gear pumps, screen changers, and control systems for a variety of materials.


In the fine chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries, our company can also provide users with high-precision and high-quality material transportation solutions that meet the working conditions of high corrosion and high wear.



Shanghai Vowa Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., adheres to the business philosophy of "creating customer value with professionalism", aims to meet customer needs, offers high-quality products with excellent service, and relies on professional technology. We look forward to working with you in China and abroad to create a brilliant career!